Top tips to cure your social media wellbeing

Many of us are guilty of starting our mornings by profusely scrolling through our social media platforms. If you stop for a moment and think about it, this habit has become a norm, much like our regular cup of coffee.

We are in a regular chain of scrolling, posting pictures, uploading stories, sharing, commenting, tagging, tweeting, following and much more. Let’s face it, we are living in an infamous digital era where social media is inescapable. Sharing has become more like a forced habit – many times provoking us to share every aspect of our lives with our friends and followers.

But how happy is it truly making us? Overusing social media is known to have a negative impact on our overall wellbeing, sometimes leading us to feel stressed out, anxious, lonely, depressed, and distracted. Seeing these scattered and almost perfect images could either increase or decrease our dopamine levels.

Fortunately, some of the biggest names on the internet like Instagram for instance are putting in the works to enhance and ease the lives of users who may experience any negative symptoms throughout their day due to digital consumption. So, if you’d like to clear your mind and take a break from the noisy digital world, or otherwise improve your digital balance now’s the time to enhance your digital wellbeing.

social media well being
Be Mindful

Although some may find it completely impossible to do a digital detox, especially in the case if your career revolves around it, it’s always best to be more mindful and monitor the length of time you spend on social networks. In early 2018, Instagram launched the “your activity” feature, that enables users to monitor how long they’ve spent using the app daily. Users can also set a timer that reminds them to stop using the app once they’ve reached their daily set limit. This helps you take control on how often you use the app, thus making you more mindful in organizing your day, and setting the right moments to open, scroll through, and like posts.

Change your habits for a more balanced life

We’re all glued to our smartphones – whether we realize it or not, our mobile phones have become an extension of who we are. Whilst the solution is not to dump our smartphones altogether, we could find way to set aside time for more physical and social activities. So, the next time you’re out be more aware of when you pull out your smartphone and set yourself some clear boundaries of the right time and place to look through it. Another way to change your habits in a positive way is as soon as you find yourself about to open an app, ask yourself what you will gain from it. These small changes of habits could help you live a more balanced and optimize your overall productivity throughout the day as well.

digital wellbeing
Disconnect from time to time

Reading before bedtime has transitioned to surfing the web and logging into social media for countless minutes before we get to sleep. Not only does this impact you from getting a restful night but impacts your overall sleeping habits as well. To get a better night’s sleep and function productively throughout your day, limit your technology use or disable pop-up notifications to get more work done. This is a great way to limit and stop distractions all so that you can invest your wellbeing. Rather than taking time out of your day and consuming passively, you can take time that will go a long way in investing in your own wellbeing.

The next time you see yourself reaching for your smartphone, be more conscious of your habits and keep yourself in check. Of course, social media is not solely to blame for your overall wellbeing, but finding the right balance on when to switch on and off is key to making your life easier, consuming in moderation, and curing your digital wellbeing.

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