The Best Football Stadiums Europe has to offer

Raise your hand if you love football as much as we do! Football has truly become a global phenomenon where people of all ages, genders, and nationalities gather around to watch. A big screen and a surround system are guaranteed to make your experience better, but have you ever considered watching your favorite football game live? Think about it, being in the heart of the game, in a large stadium with millions of people cheering for your favorite team. Doesn’t it sound epic? If you love European football teams so much, then maybe you should consider booking a trip to watch a game at one of these five amazing stadiums in Europe.

The editors at The8Log have rounded up their favorite stadiums. In fact, they’re some of the most popular and legendary European football stadiums. So, in case you haven’t heard of them, we’ve got you covered!

1. Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund

This stadium is nothing short of spectacular! Rectangularly shaped in a time where most stadiums were bowl-shaped, it became an inspiration for the new generation of stadiums.

Football Stadiums - Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund

 Years after its initial opening in 1974, it underwent a large expansion after the 1997 Champions League Success, increasing its capacity to fit 81,359 people. It was also one of the playing venues of the 2006 World Cup. A massive arena that offers a great experience, food, and a huge team shop, this should be your next stop if you decide to head to Germany.

2. San Siro, Milan
Football Stadiums - San Siro, Milan

Italy, home of pizza, pasta, and San Siro Stadium in Milan. The capital of fashion also happens to be home to the largest football stadium in Italy! Known as the “Temple of Soccer”, this stadium was originally built for A.C. Milan, but has been shared by A.C. Milan and Inter Milan since 1974. One of the largest stadiums in Europe, all 80,000 fans have agreed that it is breathtaking and distinct from all other stadiums.

3. Wembley Stadium, London
Football Stadiums - Wembley Stadium, London

Forget your fish and chips, you can always eat something as you catch a game at this 90,000-seater. One of Europe’s largest stadiums, any seat you choose is guaranteed to grant you a memorable experience! It has become a symbol of English football as it hosted multiple cup finals and championships. Oh, in case you haven’t heard, Wembley Stadium will also be hosting the Euro 2020 final, so why not buy an airplane ticket to London to watch the epic final live?

4. Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid
Football Stadiums - Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

Madrid is known for its beautiful monuments so no wonder the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is on this list! Pleasant on the eye, this stadium can accommodate more than 85,000 football enthusiasts. It hosted three matches at the 1982 FIFA World Cup including the final! This stadium doesn’t only have a massive team store, but also includes four full-service restaurants. What does a day at the fifth largest European soccer stadium feel?

5. Camp Nou, Barcelona
Football Stadiums - Camp Nou, Barcelona

Last, but certainly not the least, hola Barcelona! This is the largest and one of the most famous stadiums in Europe. Host of the 1992 Olympic games, Camp Nou, which translates to “New Stadium” in Catalan is one of the main attractions for all the fans. Fans have witnessed unforgettable games in the heart of this stadium, particularly when Spain beat Poland with three goals to two. If you ever make it to Barcelona, it would be a crime not to visit Camp Nou.

Now is the best time to figure out where you want to go! Whether you want to use the vacation as an excuse to visit these stadiums or plan an entire trip just to see them, what matters is that you pack your bags and experience the magic these European stadiums have to offer.

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