The Best 4 Travel Apps

The way we travel has changed drastically in the past few years. Travelers have more control now, and the majority now choose to book their own flights, transport, accommodation, and activities. To help you make the most of your trip, we’ve chosen four of the best apps you can use when traveling, that will guarantee you have the best experience and avoiding some travel traps along the way.

1- Packing Pro

The first thing you need to do before traveling is pack. Some travelers can pack a month’s worth of clothes and gear in under 30 minutes, while others need days and weeks of prep for a 3-day conference they’re attending overseas. Packing Pro is an iOS app that will help you pack the right items you need quickly.

You could sometimes fall into the trap of forgetting to bring enough socks, your laptop charger, an electricity adapter, or in very unfortunate and rare cases, your passport. Packing Pro makes sure that you can complete your packing list in a complete and organized way. You can create your own from scratch or choose one of the many “templates” they offer for different types of trips, such as “camping” or “weekend getaway”. You can also share your lists with your friends so that they can help make sure you don’t miss anything before it’s too late.

2- Tour Radar

If you’re a millennial, chances are you’ve never been on a tour, at least not without your parents. However, tours can be a great option in a country you’re not familiar with at all and if you don’t feel like researching everything when it comes to customs, history, or the local laws.

Tour Radar boasts over 40,000 tour options offered by 1,500 operators around the world. Tour Radar is basically a marketplace, where tour operators offer their packages, and customers can post their ratings and reviews. Maps, brochures, photos and a list of what’s included in the package are available too.

So, if you really want to go somewhere you’ve never been that’s quite a stretch from what you’re used to, then maybe start it off with one of the multi-day tour offers you can book instantly, before continuing to explore the country on your own.

3- With Locals

If you’re on board with the idea of booking a tour, but don’t feel like being in a bus/van with a larger group, and want something that explores the less trodden paths in a city, then With Locals is for you.

As the name suggests, you’ll link up with 800 locals from 40 cities offering 1200+ options. Night tours, walking tours, family-friendly trips, bike tours and more are available. Just punch in the city you’d like to visit, and choose the options you like most.

This option has all the benefits of a tour, where you don’t have the hassle of researching, booking, etc. beforehand, but minus the big group and corporate vibe of a traditional tour company.

4- Hopper

Hopper is a well-kept secret pleasure for those that travel often. Hopper uses all the historical data of all airlines available, to create algorithms that track whether the price will go up or down of a certain flight.

Flight prices are notoriously hard to predict, with destinations in close proximity often going for different prices. You can use Hopper to set your route, and it’ll show you the entire year’s calendar, with red, orange and green designations indicating if the price is higher, slightly higher or cheaper than its average price. So, if you are flexible on when you want to travel, check out Hopper to figure out when the best time is to save up to half of your flight’s price.

From packing, to meeting locals, booking a tour package, and finding the perfect flight rates ahead of time, these apps will help you make the most ahead of your drip, during, and after your vacation. Travel apps are meant to make your life easier, hassle-free, and customizable for you so you can make the most out of your holiday. If you wonder how some avid travelers and travel influencers make traveling seem so easy, now you know. Download these apps now and we guarantee you’ll have an awesome vacation.

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