The 8 hottest fitness gadgets of 2018

From smart watches, to smart shoes, to smart clothing, and smart earphones, fitness is going tech – there’s something for everyone and for every type of sport now. To tracking your fitness level, heart rate, and tracing your movements across the day, wearable technology is already on the rise and it’s motivating you to get off the couch too.

1. Fitbit Ionic – Adidas edition

The first on the list is the Fitbit Ionic. Although it’s the company’s most expensive wearable tech as of yet, the Fitbit Ionic – Adidas edition is predicted to become the most popular fitness tracker. What makes it special is that this is the first Fitbit smartwatch ever created – so it comes boasting itself as both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch at the same time.
At first glance, the watch is definitely striking as unlike any other circular-designed mainstream watches on the market, the Fitbit Ionic is uniquely styled with its rectangular face giving it a more premium feel. Also boasting its own new operating system: the Fitbit OS provides its users with multiple features such as a built in GPS and heart rate monitor, the Fitbit Coach feature that provides you with tailored workouts, and its ability to recognize different workouts you do from running, to swimming, lifting weights, cycling, and interval training. The Fitbit Ionic truly represents a versatile smartwatch catered to any sports enthusiast’s needs.

Fitbit Ionic
2. Apple Watch 4

The Apple watch strikes again, and this time in its 4th series claiming that it is the best device for your health. Its design is much sleeker looking than its boxy-techy looking predecessors, and the screen is bigger which makes quite a big difference on the visual front – definitely more appealing than having all features crammed together like before.
The Apple Watch 4 catered to health and fitness junkies does just want you need it to – activity tracking, sports tracking, heart rate tracking during exercise and u to date notifications throughout the day – that is meant to be a life saver. With a battery that lasts 5 days, you’ll have your very own health and fit motivator on you at all times.

Apple Watch 4
3. Motiv Ring

If you’re not into having a device at your wrist at all times, but still want something conventional yet discrete, the Motiv Ring could be the one for you. For such a small product, it tracks your activities extremely well – from steps taken throughout the day, to your heart rate, and daily sleeping patterns. There’s no screen as it’s a simple and very straightforward product; you get what you ask for. If you need to check in to how you’re doing, simply check the app on Android or iPhones.

Motiv Ring
4. H2O Pal

Now here’s a smart water bottle on the market for those who want to track their water intake throughout the day. We all know that drinking water and staying hydrated is important so if you’re one those who constantly forgets to drink and stay hydrated, or you work out excessively, or drink too much coffee, this bottle could be for you. The technology here is simple yet brilliant. Fitted with a built-in tracker that automatically tracks your water intake, you’ll always be on top of staying hydrated.

H2O Pal
5. Life Beam Vi

An artificial intelligence personal trainer built straight into your earphones, the Life Beam Vi is the first smart headset to hit the market. What’s super cool about these Bluetooth headsets is that you have your own personal trainer in your ear and with you at all times. So, all you need is your Vi headset and your phone and you’re good to go. Say you head out for a run, Vi will motivate you along the way and even go further to provide you with suggestions to challenge your workout. It’s also got a built-in heart rate sensor and will frequently update you on how well you’re doing and push you to go further.

Lifebeam VI
6. Spire Stone

Just as physical fitness is important, mental health is also just as important. Unlike other gadgets that track and monitor your pace throughout the day, the Spire Stone is made for stress management. The small device easily clips on to your belt or bra and tracks your breathing patterns throughout the day. It connects to the Spire app on your phone and even provides you with tips to managing your stress levels through guided meditation sessions to help you remain in a calmed state of mind. With the Spire Stone, you’ll be reminded to take control of your breathing and overall mental health that could relieve you of future stress.

Spire Stone
7. Under Armour SpeedForm – smart running shoes

Why track your running with wristbands and watches when you can do it with the actual piece of clothing that’s made for running. That’s where the Under Armour SpeedForm shoes come in to play. Made for runners, these smart shoes track your every move without you having to worry on clicking a button. All you need to do is download the app MapMyRun and your shoes will take care of it all.

Under Armour SpeedForm smart running shoes
8. Solos Smart Glasses

What’s super cool about fitness gadgets is the endless array of products made specifically for your needs. If you’re a cyclist, the Solos smart glasses could be your true calling. The high-tech glasses are a solution to the numerous distractions cyclists face when on the road. The translucent and functional screen displays all the fitness metrics you need in real time, all so that you can track your progress alongside your distance, heart rate, time, pace and much much more, that you won’t have to look away from the road for even a second – as we all know how dangerous this can be. Also fitted with a built-in speaker, the Solos glasses will make your workout all the more enjoyable and convenient.

Solos Smart Glasses

While the innovations here are endless, these products are meant to ease your life into meeting your health and fitness goals. Without the need for a personal trainer with you at all times, these gadgets could accurately track everything for you so can improve each day in and out.

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