What Is Smart City?

With Jordan announcing to build its new city in 2030, away from the capital of Amman, we are surrounding ourselves with opportunities where cities and municipalities want to discover what makes this place a better place. And how technology and creative connectivity can help solve urban problems.

But, what exactly is Smart City?

In simple terms, it is what you imagine a city of the future to be like, where everything is optimized, organized, and advanced. A Smart City has a lot to do with the management of the country where it is always connected with its citizens through wireless technologies. So, wi-fi will be the basic foundation for the city or country to interact in real-time with its residents. The real challenge stems in optimizing our connection and leveraging it into our entire city’s infrastructure. Once implemented, the country can interact and respond to its residents for better, safer, interconnected lives.

smart city
Imagine a day with no Traffic jams

With urban population growing in Amman and expected to increase wildly in the next ten years, comes the responsibility to establish efficient urban traffic policies. These policies are meant to lead to safer, cleaner, and more economical environments for every resident, organization, and corporation.

This is where a Smart City can interact in leverage with the Internet of Things (IoT). As the IoT matures and thrives exponentially, our very own innovations evolve and learn from the city’s daily activities. Smart cameras and smart traffic lights will adapt into a learning algorithm software, recording and registering all movements in real time. As we take a closer look, the camera sensors will reveal patterns of traffic information, congestion, and weather conditions and store this information in a cloud to determine the effects of the data collected.

Here’s an example of the bigger picture: imagine a road system where you can avoid traffic congestion when an accident happens. You see, a Smarty City will be intelligent enough to drive you away from traffic. How is this possible? By placing sensors into smart traffic lights in the city. These smart traffic lights will work together and monitor the road for any sign of slow congestion and share this information to a cloud of systems where all cameras are also connected. By analyzing and calculating the timing and impact of the traffic, the sensors will send this information to a huge signage, informing drivers to take another route. This combination of synergy and data will facilitate our long-term traffic solutions, saving us time, and ensuring overall citizen safety.

smart city
A Smarter approach to Healthcare

IoT technologies are fundamental to the healthcare revolution. Renovating hospitals into smarter healthcare systems will completely evolve patient, doctor, and insurer relationships, so they can ultimately communicate and share information in a transparent and secure environment. Medicine development and flourishing populations hinder the healthcare systems quite dramatically, leaving crucial patient information often inaccessible.

Wearable devices and interconnected healthcare facilities are constantly updated in real time, so that doctors will have all your information prepared as soon as your step into their office. You won’t need to leave your house to get diagnosed either, ultimately saving you time and efficiency, while in the comfort of your own home. This connected healthcare system allows doctors to collaborate in diagnosing illnesses and identifying and preventing diseases.

Smart City’s Financial Approach:

Our methods with payments are regularly changing. With e-wallets making a breakthrough in the digital financial services in Jordan, we can somewhat speculate the future of payments. Right now, our lives are cluttered with cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks, and money transfers, where seemingly enough, the next best approach to adopt is mobile payments.

People will soon interact with payments in a way they never have before, where we can predict to be headed into a future of cashless payments. With all your information stored digitally, you can shop, pay bills, buy insurance, make investments, and manage your finances from any location, as long as you have internet access.  This intelligent banking solution results in a more efficient and profitable experience.

With the ultimate convenience for consumers and businesses, they will be able to budget and save money in the long run. This revolution in society increases security and heightens transparency, leading to greater economic growth. From here, everything is positively possible. Consequently, the use of biometric security, fingerprints, and sensors will aid the growth of mobile wallets in protecting their rightful owners.



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