How Jordan is Coping with The Pandemic

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 outbreak has changed our daily routines and lifestyle. From social distancing to lockdowns, many countries around the world have implemented strict measures to combat the pandemic. The Kingdom of Jordan is leading to ensure peoples’ safety and wellbeing. Seventy-one students were brought back from China to ensure that they remain safe and receive treatment if they were found with COVID-19.

Although people aren’t allowed to leave their homes, they don’t shy away from finding creative ways to spread hope and joy. Get a glimpse below at how Jordan is coping with the pandemic.

Governmental measures
1. Quarantine

Jordan has taken precautionary measures regarding travelers coming into the Kingdom. All travelers that arrived to Jordan before the lockdown were taken to various hotels across Amman and the Dead Sea. Hotels were disinfected and equipped with state-of-the-art medical services. Travelers were taken care of, ensuring they received meals and beverages during their stay.

2. Complete Lockdown

The country has not only banned air travel, it has also closed land and sea borders that cross several middle eastern countries. In addition, almost all businesses were instructed to work from home. Only neighborhood supermarkets and pharmacies were allowed to open along with hospitals and medical centers during curfew hours.

Complete Lockdown in Jordan
3. Online Education

Schools across the Kingdom were also closed. Private schools took their learning online while the government led institutions enabled online education via virtual classes on the Darsak platform as well as live classes on Jordan Television.

4. Financial measures

There is a silver lining for business owners, however with Jordan working hard to reduce the impact on the private sector. Firstly, the government announced that sales tax during this period will not be collected. Secondly, interest rates have been lowered on monetary instruments, and there is a three month pause regarding social security payment subscription by employers.

How Jordanians are Dealing with The Lockdown

Italians sing and play music on their balconies as a show of unity. American singers participate in home concerts to both raise money and lift people’s spirits. What about Jordanians?

Complete Lockdown in Jordan
1. Live Music

Music today is the universal language of hope. Just ask Jordanian saxophone player Zaid Abu Hijleh, who despite being quarantined at one of the Dead Sea hotels played every night to everyone there! Since, people have to stay home and can’t go outside, LiveMusicJo is collaborating with various musicians to bring live concerts to everyone virtually no matter where they are. Bank Al Etihad is also hosting several online concerts on their Facebook page by the Etihad Chamber Orchestra. If you’d like to enjoy a relaxing evening with some classical music in the background, then you have to check them out!

2. Free Workout from Home Classes

Jordanian fitness influencers are taking their home fitness routines live and virtually, to train everyone who’d like to join for free. Fit fanatics like Rebecca Odeh, and yogis like Joud Bitar and Salah Amireh are helping everyone at home improve their physical and mental wellbeing during these overwhelming times.

3. Online Storytelling

This one’s a fun activity for kids! Shalabieh Al-Hakawatieh is a Jordanian storyteller that has a knack with captivating her young audience with her words. Parents and their kids are joining her live storytelling sessions on Instagram and Facebook every morning and evening. It’s a perfect way for families to bond at home during COVID-19 and a whole new approach to digital storytelling.

4. Online Cooking Sessions

For some Jordanians, staying indoors has rewarded them with extra time to cook and bake to keep busy. And, some of Jordan’s most popular and favorite chefs are here to help by showing us how to cook online during COVID-19. Taimour Mauge is showing his simple yet delicious recipes and for those with a sweet tooth, Deema Hajjawi is sharing some of her favorite dessert and baking recipes.

5. The Eight-p.m. News

Lastly, Jordanians have been anxiously sitting in front of their TVs ever since the pandemic. They have been regularly monitory the news channels to get an update on the situation.

While everything has changed, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and look at the bright side! At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. And Jordan’s unity and resilience through it all proves that together we’re stronger than anything! If you’re in Jordan, for your safety and everyone else’s, we hope you follow the above measures. But, join in on the fun and try one of the mood lifts we listed above! From the Umniah family to yours, stay home and stay safe.

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