Following the lens of Suha Abu Laban Jordan’s first female aerial photographer

Mastering the photography life path in a short period of time, Suha Abu Laban has gone far beyond
what she has ever imagined for herself once she decided to pursue her dream. Suha has always loved
photography, so when she held her first professional camera in 2012, her ultimate goal was not only to finally do something she enjoys for herself, but also to climb the non-traditional photographic path as a female aerial photographer.

suha abu laban photography

While many people obsess with drones to capture high angled picturesque images, Suha charters open aircrafts to shoot Jordan from above. With her unmistakable style and unique talent, Suha uses her wide imagination to capture magnetic images of each moment she experiences. Her talent has led her to be featured in a variety of magazines and exhibitions around the world.

Mastering a new perspective with Aerial Photography

For a photographer that suffers from extreme fear of heights, Suha’s photos are an artwork of breathtaking aerial images. When asked how her perspectives have change through aerial photography, Suha is delightfully humble, “I love the challenge and adventure that photography has brought in my life. Without these two elements, I won’t be able to capture captivating photos. My fear of heights and being in an open-air craft with no doors or windows and unpredictable weather conditions have taken me on an incredible journey in my career from shooting Wadi Rum, Petra, and the Dead Sea.”

To be able to overcome your fear is something but to work flawlessly with your fear is something else completely. Suha has certainly been able to harness her photographic skills and techniques in her own unique way. “A tip that I would like to share with aspiring photographers is to always see the images with your eyes before you take it. If you can visualize and see the photo, then by all means take it.”

suha abu laban photography
From Aerial Photography to Conceptual Art

Suha also claims that she owes her photographic skills and conceptual styled images from her love of reading. She emphasizes that in order for photographers to acquire a wide sense of imagination and if they wish to succeed in this field, then they should immerse themselves in reading novels. She says, “The imagination and knowledge I received from reading has helped me widen and grow my talent in ways I cannot simply express. And this imagination is what gives me a feeling of great power to capture the images I want to take and show the world.”

Upon taking her first steps as an official photographer, Suha admits to looking at everything around her with more detail. For us regular folks, there are many things that we take for granted that photographers can see differently, from clouds to the waves of the ocean, nature, flowers, and animals.

A deep fascination to Wildlife

Continuously pushing boundaries, Suha also developed a passion for wildlife photography and admits that this is one of her most exciting ventures. Much like aerial photography, the challenges are pretty extreme but when it comes to shooting wild animals, a photographer can capture something truly authentic. “I forget everything around me when I am shooting wildlife. Unlike humans who may involuntarily portray another persona when in front of a camera, animals in the wild are real and especially challenging. As a photographer in the wildlife, no matter how aware you try to be, animals are unpredictable, and this is the time to test your skills, passion, and patience. And at the end of the day, this is extremely rewarding.”

suha abu laban photography
An incredible photographic adventure

Suha’s photographic journey has been a challenging yet rewarding one to follow. She confesses that her first two years in photography, she worked completely for free in order to prepare her portfolio and gain the exposure she needs. She says, “I always tell anyone who wants to enter this field, you will only succeed one you have a set goal in photography. Ask yourself, what is the goal that you would like to achieve in photography? What is your niche? What do you like? Once you answer these truthfully, then take this path.”

Suha’s adventures are definitely exciting. From shooting up in the air to being the only female aerial photographer in Jordan to taking conceptual photos, and wildlife photography, her style is as eclectic as it is diverse – proving how far talent, authenticity, passion, and patience can take someone.

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