Five Reasons why everyone should attend the Al-Balad Music Festival in Amman, Jordan

The Al-Balad Music Festival is home to some of the most talented, established, and independent music artists from Jordan and the region. For the 6th year, the Arabic regional music festival has been one of the most popular open-air five-day events that takes place in the heart of Amman in the historical and vibrant Roman and Odeon Amphitheaters. Showcasing more than 50 different musical performances and attracting thousands of fans each year, this year’s festival will host many local and regional bands and artists that include Al-Murabba (Jordan), Le Trio Jubran (Palestine), H.O.H (Egypt) and many more.

مسرح البلد

So whether you’re on holiday, living in Amman, or really want to see one of your favorite artists live, then Al-Balad Music Festival is a great opportunity to see and hear them perform live. You’ll also experience one of the most thrilling, exciting, and memorable events in the region.

Live a Historical and Modern Experience

Imagine this: you are in the middle of the magnificent and spectacular 6,000-seat Roman Amphitheater that dates back to the 2nd Century during the reign of Roman emperor Antoninus Pius, and you are watching some of the liveliest and uplifting bands perform. There is something pretty powerful about this entire experience – a fusion of ancient historical architecture with modern musical collectives right under the Jordanian night sky.

Several Talented Artist Lineups

This shouldn’t be a surprise – every year the Al-Balad Music Festival promotes and brings together many talented local and Arab bands that are popular among the youth in the region. In fact, this has been happening ever since the festival was launched in 2009.

مسرح البلد

Get ready to discover your next favorite artist, as this year’s 2019 edition will bring together special performances and international musicians to take the stage. The list of lineups includes one of Jordan’s all-time favorite band El Morabba3, singer and songwriter Yazan Saryerah, Ayloul, and Ghaem Jozi to name a few. Straight from Egypt is the band H.O.H which is regarded as one of the most interesting bands to see and listen to in the scene of alternative music. Bands and musicians from Algeria, Palestine, France, Lebanon and Sweden are set to perform too!

Experience a crowd like no other

You’ll share a memorable experience with many different people and nationalities where you’ll all be together listening to the same music and artists that brought you together. It’s a truly beautiful vibe when strangers unite in one place for the love of talent, music, and breathtaking performances. You’ll witness how music is not only an art but a cultural movement.

Cheer and show your support to independent artists

Make sure not to miss out on some independent and talented artists! The great thing about Al-Balad Music Festival is that it’s a solid platform that encourages and uplifts the independent music artist space in Jordan and the region. It reminds us of how important musical talent is to our culture. What’s more, you’ll broaden your music horizon and you may enjoy a genre of music that you never thought you’ll like.

What are you waiting for? Grab your Al-Balad Music Festival tickets NOW!

Ultimately attending the Al-Balad Music Festival is a really fun experience and a fantastic environment to witness at least once in your life. Great music, a talented lineup, friends, and spectacular and majestic venues is all you need to go out and have a good time. The festival is diverse, unique, and fueled with culture that has inspired talented artists to do what they do. So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to live the experience and come together to celebrate culture and art in Jordan’s most iconic monuments and historical attraction. It’s a wonderful way to start the summer in the heart of Amman’s magnificent sites.

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