Explore New Horizons Along The Jordan Trail

A gem among middle eastern countries, Jordan has managed to effortlessly capture the hearts of many. With a rich history and incredible landscapes, it’s impossible to overlook the magic of this country. Known for its mesmerizing Rose City, the hidden city of Petra, and the magnificent sand dunes of Wadi Rum, it’s also home to the magical Jordan Trail. A trail that offers you the chance to witness the charm of the most ancient trade routes in the world.

What is The Jordan Trail?

The Jordan Trail is a 650 km long hiking trail that  connects from Um-Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south. With 40 days of hiking, it not only allows hiking fanatics and adventurers to travel through 52 villages and towns, but also offers them the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history that make up this unique area.

Walk from wonder to wonder and discover a new scenery with each passing hour. As you step along the trail, you’ll witness diverse landscapes from the rolling wooded hills of the north to the crystal waters of the Red Sea. Prepare to experience the beauty of camping in the open air under the stars!

How the Jordan Trail Association Exposes Hikers to New Horizons

The Jordan Trail Association (JTA) responsible for developing the trail organizes the long-distance hikes. These hikes take place every year between March and mid-April, right before the summer where the weather conditions are the best, suitable for an unforgettable hiking experience.

Hikes along the Jordan Trail are typically two kinds:

A Full Thru-Hike: It’s the longest and most anticipated event for the JTA. This hike starts from the 6th of March until the 18th of April and covers the whole trail from Um-Qais to Aqaba.

Region Hikes: Like the name suggests, there are eight regions you can discover, and each take around four to six days of hiking.

Some Scenic Walks to Try
Umm Qais to Ajloun

If you’re looking forward to some historical sites, then you’re going to love this one. This route happens to be the first one among the Jordan trail routes. As you hike through it, you’ll come face to face with magnificent and breathtaking Roman ruins of Umm-Qais. And, that’s just the beginning! You’ll later see other historical sites such as the Jesus cave, the Mar Elias Church ruins, and the spectacular medieval Ajloun Castle.

Salt to Wadi Zarqa Ma’in

While this is the shortest road on the list, it is nothing short of amazing. Gaze at the ancient palace of Iraq Al-Ameer before making your way to the spectacular King Hussein’s Rally Road and Jordan Valley. Prepare to take marvelous pictures of the Dead Sea here. And as you continue down the Roman road, watch as the beauty of Jordan unveils before your eyes.

Rum to Red Sea

You know how they say they save the best for last? Well, here you have it! This is the last route and also the longest. This is your chance to experience the magnificent, vast and echoing Rum. Check out the Wadi Rum Bedouin Village and the dramatic desert scenery while making your way to Aqaba Red Sea Resort.

There’s no need to grab an airplane ticket and travel somewhere far away to witness the wonders of this magnificent planet. If you’re looking for a place rich with history, a chance to test your limits, and an opportunity to clear your mind, then maybe what you really need is a tour of the Jordan Trail!


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