Bloom: Online Shopping at Your Leisure

We’ve all had our fair share of online shopping experiences. From the jaw dropping to the astonishing, the ladies in particular can tell you all about them. But sometimes, what you see online is different than what you receive after placing your order. Whether it is the size, color, or quality, online shopping has raised some concerns despite its advantages.

To bring about the unique shopping experience, without the unnecessary disappointments and not-so-fun surprises, Jordanian entrepreneur Hanan Shahin created Bloom: the first “try before you buy” online shop in Jordan.

COVID as a Catalyst

According to the entrepreneur, the idea came to her during one of her business calls when she was helping a client scale their startup.

“As someone who’s part of the startup ecosystem, I’ve seen my share of small businesses and helped them grow,” Shahin revealed. “But one day changed my life. I realized that I don’t want to be behind the scenes anymore. I want to be center stage and have an idea that would impact people as positively as possible.”

Being an architect, Shahin wanted to come up with something creative rather than rigid. And with the pandemic hitting hard, it got her thinking about a million and one possibilities before she finally decided on Bloom.

In Full Bloom

Bloom is the first “try before you buy” online brand concept. “Our purpose is simple—providing our customers with authentic experiences devoid of any disappointment,” said Shahin.

With Bloom, shoppers can opt to order an item in multiple sizes and colors and have it delivered at their doorsteps. Once they try it on, they can buy the item of their choice and return the other ones.

“We aim to enable our customers to never shop online again before they look, touch and, feel.” Explained Shahin.

Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

As someone who’s familiar with the startup ecosystem. Shahin was quite aware of the challenges it involved. However, to her, one of the biggest challenges was her status as a mother.

“It was hard to juggle between my job as a mother and Bloom. But I believe that it’s the challenges that help you find your strength more than anything else. So, I turned things around and overcame it,” she stated, looking back at the beginning of her journey. “Today, I have a newfound appreciation for working mothers who find strength in the most challenging of situations.”

The Tank by Umniah as a Creative Hub

The Tank is such a great atmosphere,” admitted Shahin as she spoke about Umniah’s incubator. “It’s the perfect place to be for startups that are looking to cultivate and develop their business solutions.” From unique networking opportunities to mentorships and career support, Shahin recounted it all, expressing her gratitude toward The Tank and her joy at the thought of all the memories associated with it.

Finally, with plans to scale Bloom to greater heights, Shahin wished to share her own advice with budding entrepreneurs reading this piece. “If there is one thing I’ve learned throughout the journey it’s that an idea alone can take you nowhere without a hardworking and determined team to back it up. So, find the right people to walk with you. Yes, it’s a long walk, but every step is worth it.”

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