Why Blood Donation is Important

This article is provided by Royal Health Awareness Society

Donating one unit of blood can save the lives of up to three people. Here are a few questions you might have on blood donation:

Who benefits from donated blood?

• Pregnant women, especially if they are at risk of developing complications
• Children who suffer from anaemia or other blood-related diseases
• Those who have been through severe trauma as a result of disasters
• Patients who have to go through complex and major procedures
• Cancer patients

How do I know if I can donate blood?

You can donate blood if:
• You enjoy good health
• You weigh more than 50 kg
• You are at least 17 years old
• You are not pregnant

What do I need to do before I donate blood?

• Eat a nutritious meal before donating blood to make sure you don’t experience dizziness or low blood sugar
• Drink a sufficient amount of water
• Avoid strenuous activities of intense physical exercise before or after donating blood
• Wear clothing with sleeves that can easily be rolled up

How do I know if I cannot donate blood?

If you don’t satisfy the criteria above or don’t carry a Jordanian national ID or a valid Jordanian passport. Other conditions that disqualify you from donating include having a tattoo or piercing done in the past 6 months or travelling in the past year or residing for the past three years in area that has a high risk of malaria. Having diseases currently or in the past such as cancer or haemophilia or being positive for HIV or Hepatitis B or C among other conditions.

Royal Health Awareness Society

This article is provided by Royal Health Awareness Society

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