Amman Bus Project

While much of the attention nowadays is shifted towards breakthroughs in the automotive industry, such as the latest Tesla and supersonic airplanes, public transportation systems are usually left in the dark with little or no interest. Yet, as a counterbalance to that, these systems provide vast benefits to the state as well as to the user that typically range from economic, ergonomic, and environmental benefits. Building on such gains, and hoping to achieve the very best for their citizen’s, Jordanian authorities have unveiled the first phase of the Amman Bus project in the presence of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz.

Bus Routing the Whole of Amman

The early phase of the project includes a fleet of 135 buses in the capital that covers 55 destinations through 34 routes and around the clock operating hours between 6 am and 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday, 8 am to 9 pm on Fridays, and between 8 am and 10 pm on Saturdays.

The stage of this project covers 11 of the 22 areas connected to the Greater Amman Municipality including Dahyet Al Madina, Abdali, Basman, Tareq, Abu Nuseir, Shafa Badran, Sweileh, Jubeiha, Tla Al Ali, Al Naser, and Marka. The bus network has 52 buses with a carrying capacity of 59 while the remaining can carry 42 passengers at a time.

Convenient and affordable prices

According to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, the project cost around JD 18 million and will reap economic benefits Amman’s citizens with low costs of traveling ranging between 30 and 35 piastres. Trip fares for the project can be paid through rechargeable e-cards that can be filled up at various points of sale. To incentivize the use of such a system, Jordanian authorities will be selling the e-cards during the first month at JD 2, and trips will subsequently cost 1 Piastre, a price more than convenient for bus rides.

This project is an important stepping stone for providing quality public transportation in the capital, all the while as the government is working hard on replicating it in other districts and governorates.

Ever since they were put into use, buses have been an added value for societies and states alike. From reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles to making traveling in groups all the more affordable and to reducing traffic congestions and jams, buses have been nothing but bliss for roads globally. The Amman Bus Project, a program that surely ranks among the top in its tier will be a pivotal value that will surely save the citizens of Amman the hassles of taking their cars to work every day.

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